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The engineering team at Southeast Culvert can help you with designing an underground detention system using corrugated steel pipe, corrugated HDPE pipe, or a stormwater chamber system. We can also provide budget pricing on multiple detention options to help you make your design decisions.

Does your project need a water quality treatment solution? We can provide a design proposal using a Hydro International proprietary WQU device or a BMP design from the Georgia Stormwater Manual. We have worked on hundreds of projects using these types of systems, so we can provide design proposals that meet the specific requirements of the municipality that is reviewing the project.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to any engineering requests with appropriate and cost effective design guidance that will meet the specific requirements of the municipality that you are working in.

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Our Engineering Services

  • Design of underground detention systems (pipe or chamber products)
  • Pricing and value engineering proposals for underground detention systems
  • Project details and submittal packages for detention systems
  • Design of Hydro International water quality devices for 80% TSS removal
  • Pricing and value engineering alternates for competitor WQU’s
  • Engineering support for design life, hydraulics, and structural design of storm drainage pipe
  • Educational seminars for design engineers and municipalities

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    How can we help with your project?

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