120 Inch Diameter CMP Detention – Brickmont Assisted Living

Corrugated steel pipe is the most versatile underground detention product on the market.

This versatility of the product was clearly demonstrated on the Brickmont Assisted Living Facility project in Milton, Georgia. The project was designed and bid with a large 9’ tall concrete vault underground detention system because of the tight available footprint for the detention. The parking lot islands made the use of a pipe detention with a standard rectangular footprint impossible.

Concrete Vault Detention System

The project was awarded to DDH Construction, who begin working with the civil engineering firm Planners and Engineers Collaborative and Southeast Culvert to value engineer the project at the request of Centric Development.

The engineering team at Southeast Culvert determined that the optimal pipe size for the detention would be 120” diameter. The detention needed to provide a storage volume of 36,000 cf, so the challenge became fitting enough pipe in the parking lot footprint to meet the requirement.

One of the advantages of using corrugated steel pipe for an underground detention is the range of options available for configuring the system. Every piece can be custom fabricated to meet a project’s needs. For this project, that ability to customize resulted in a very unique detention system configuration.

SYSTEM LAYOUT - 120 inch CSP Model (1)

Corrugated Steel Pipe Detention System

The corrugated steel pipe detention system resulted in substantial cost savings for the project compared to the concrete vault originally designed as well as a compressed project schedule for the system installation.

The designed Kristar DVS water quality unit was also changed to a more cost effective Hydro International device.

Hydro International First Defense WQU - Brickmont Milton

The Brickmont project was successfully value engineered because the owner, engineer, contractor, and manufacturer worked together to find the best solution for the project. Each of them contributed their unique skills and expertise that resulted in a creative, cost effective solution.

Our thanks to:

DDH Construction
Planners and Engineers Collaborative
Centric Development

Pictures courtesy of DDH Construction.

120 Inch CMP Detention Manifold - Brickmont Milton

120 Inch CSP Detention Manifold - Brickmont Milton

120 Inch Corrugated Metal Pipe Detention System - Brickmont Milton